About Us

The Green Alchemist software helps businesses such as yours be more eco-friendly and make money by selling recyclable waste.

Business rates do not cover waste and recycling services – this is something you’ll have to do yourself. Many companies produce more waste than they need to and miss out on chances to make money because they don’t know how to sort and manage their waste effectively.

This is where we come in. Our software gives you:

  • A price for your recyclable materials.
  • The location and contact details of waste couriers in your area.
  • Products which can help you to recycle more.
  • An auction facility to sell your office furniture, electronic goods and recyclable materials.
  • Information on all aspects of recycling.

The Green Alchemist is a unique piece of software developed my Element Green Recycling LTD and made possible by funding from the Ordinance Survey’s Geovation Competition. With businesses coming under pressure to reduce their carbon footprints, this is a great way to help your business do just that while also making some extra money.